From the book, “Judios Conversos” (Jewish Converts) by Mario Javier Saban. Los antepasados Judios de las familias Argentinas. This work contains many Sephardic names and family trees within its 3 volumes. Many of the individuals listed appeared before the inquistion and were secret Jews. Some later converted and intermarried. The description “Jew “and “Portuguese” appear to be used interchangeably. Only those names that were identified as Sephardic Jews or descendant from Sephardic Jews or in some cases, new Christians that married into Sephardic families are listed here. It is possible that some Sephardic names not well identified are not listed. If you have Sephardic/Portuguese family roots in early Argentina, research these volumes. Many of the names listed here represent the famous names of Jewish/Sephardic Argentina. Wonderful family trees, well detailed, are provided in the three volumes.
Jewish Portuguese families of Rio de la Plata.

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