From the book, “History of the Jews in Aragon“, by Regne. Essentially a series of royal decrees by the House of Aragon. It contains Sephardic names recorded during the period 1213-1327. By this time family names were well developed. Be prepared for a challenge as you attempt to derive the modern equivalents for these 800 year old names. Prefixes such as Aben, Ibn, Aven, Avin, Ben and etc. are attached to the stemsof many names.If your people came from Aragon, and you cannot find the name in this list, I recommend to attach a prefix and look for it in that way. In addition, the spelling of many of the stems have changed with time. Some names (Adret, Cavalleria) exist to this date unchanged. This reference will introduce many new names and/or many new spellings to known names. (22c) indicates those names that are identified as converso names in the records. Suerte!

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